This area is dedicated to events that involve picking various objects up and loading them onto or over a platform. These events are most often to heights of between 48″-56″ but can sometimes be as high as 72″. Typically, the primary objective of the event is to complete as many repetitions as possible within the time limit however, sometimes events can be done for a maximum amount of weight for a single repetition.

This type of event is typically seen as one of five events in a competition, giving it approximately 20% of the events and points available. A few common examples of loading events include stone loading, keg loading, odd object loading, stone over bar, river rock loading, loading medley.


Examples and explanations:

Stone load over bar for reps- Lifting a stone from the ground and moving it over a bar set at a height for each repetition, as many times as possible within the allotted time.

Keg carry and load for reps- Carry one keg at a time from the start position to the loading platform and place the keg on top of the platform, do this for all implements as quickly as possible within the allotted time.

Sandbag load over bar for height- A sandbag, of set weight, is loaded over a bar once, the bar height is then increased and the sandbag is loaded once again.