Medley events are disciplines in which several separate disciplines are placed in a sequence to be completed as fast or as many times as possible, but under some circumstances can be done for repetitions (press medley for max reps). An important thing to realize is that no two medleys are the exact same.

This type of event is typically seen as one of five events in a contest, but often is not present in the competition at all, giving it 0-20% of the events and points available. Some examples include loading medley, press medley, odd object load, moving medley, or any combination you can dream up really.

Examples and explanations:

Press medleys- Combination of various implements to be pressed (e.g. Log, Keg, Axle)

Loading medley- Combination of various implements to be loaded (e.g. Sandbag, Keg, Stone)

Carry Medley- Combination of various implements to be carried or moved (e.g. Farmers, Yoke, Keg)