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“Zack is a great coach – highly technical, thorough, and engaging. The seminar I attended was well organized and ran on a timely schedule (a rarity for most workshops). We covered log, axle, circus dumbbell, yoke, and stones. Zack made sure that each attendee got one-on-one attention in addition to the group explanation (which was also great). I walked away with practical knowledge that I could immediately apply to all my events. Zack didn’t just talk events, though, he also took us through bonus mobility work (another rarity in strongman), and gave us two hours for Q&A. I thought we’d race through it and be done in a half hour, but we ended up using the full two hours!

Zack also made himself available via email and Facebook after the seminar, which I also found really helpful. I was able to follow up on some of the finer technique points he gave us in the seminar as I applied them, which was tremendously helpful.

If you have the chance, I strongly recommend attending one of Zack’s seminars. He’s a world class strongman, fantastic technical coach, and a great guy.”
-Tyler Welch
Portland, OR