This area is dedicated to events that require high levels of static strength. There is a large technical component to these events as well, but without the static strength or power to do these movements, no amount of technique will help to make vast strides quickly.

Static events are one of the oldest tests of strength, testing the athlete’s ability to move heavy weight though a range of motion, while staying in one place. This movement is commonly found as one of five events in strongman competition, providing approximately 20% of all events and points available. Common static movements include the axle deadlift, squat, bench press, and car deadlift.


Examples and explanations:

Axle deadlift for reps- A standard deadlift using a 2″ thick diameter bar instead of a standard bar (diameter of about 1″).

Squat for reps- A standard squat as seen in powerlifting, depth of squat may vary from contest to contest.

Deadlift for max weight- Arguably the best test of overall strength and power, simply crouch down, grab a weight, and stand up with it. Starting height may vary from contest to contest.

Car deadlift for reps- Very similar to a standard deadlift but follows a set groove. Often requires practice to excel at.