This area is dedicated to events that involve movements that do not fall directly under one of the five other event categories (Pressing, loading, carrying, static, or medley). These events are the most diverse category of events.

Miscellaneous events are mostly crowd pleasers originally established to create a spectacle of the contest. These events range wildly in their type but all tend to involve very specialized equipment. Miscellaneous events comprise approximately zero to two of five events in a contest, 0-40% of events and points available. It should be noted that much like the grip events, these miscellaneous events can be few and far between, often never showing up in local level competition, but can cost an athlete several placings if they are unfamiliar with the movement. Miscellaneous events include truck pull, tire flip, keg toss, and arm over arm.


Keg toss for height

Tire flip for reps

Truck pull for distance

Arm over arm truck pull for distance

Sled drag for distance