In order to appreciate a sport completely, you must first be able to understand the scoring system. For example, (American) football would be a lot less fun if you did not know that touchdowns were worth 6 points and field goals are worth 3 points. With this in mind, let’s look at the scoring system most often found in the sport of strongman.

Strongman is most often scored with a reverse placing point system, this means if there are 10 athletes competing in a given discipline, the athlete who did the best in that discipline will receive 10 points with the second-place athlete receiving 9 points and so on. This process is repeated for each discipline within the contest and at the end of the contest the points for each discipline are added up with the individual that has the highest amount of points winning the contest.

An event tie results in the sum of points between placings being divided evenly among individuals stuck in the tie. A quick example would be in a field of five (5) athletes, two athletes tie for first place, the total points available between the first two placings would be the number of points available for first and second place, five points for first place, and four points for second place, totaling nine points (5+4=9). This sum is then divided by the number of participants in the tie, two (2). This results in four and a half points for each athlete (9/2=4.5). The rest of the field is scored as they would be with the athlete who placed behind the tie taking third and receiving third place points (3 points in this circumstance).

The only other extremely common scoring practice is when an athlete fails to complete or participate within the event, the athlete received no points (zero points). This can be as simple as not being able to complete a single repetition, or not completing a set amount of predetermined work.

Some strongman contests still do implement slightly different scoring systems with bonus points given to athletes who win an event, or can even incorporate bonus points as an incentive for completing certain tasks such as an additional stone in a stone loading series. Although, it should be noted that both of these amendments to the scoring system are extremely rare, and often well outlined in the contest entry form.

With all of this in mind, I hope you can more easily follow the scoring system in strongman. I hope it has been informative, catch you next time.