PodiumBeginning his strongman career in 2006, studying under longtime Professional Strongman Grant Higa, Zack McCarley went on to become the most decorated lightweight strongman that the USA has ever produced. Some of Zack’s accolades include being an All-American wrestler in the NCWA, winning a lightweight pro card in strongman, 11 “top ten” national placings in strongman, six strongman national championship titles at various weight classes, and even a world record and world championship in the 90kg class for strongman; much of this was accomplished while completing his BS and MS in Chemistry. Zack is also well known for being a multifaceted athlete and coach, Zack excels at goal setting, mindset, and especially strongman technique and body movement.

Zack McCarley has over ten years of experience in the sport of strongman, and is passionate about not only teaching correct strongman technique, but preventing the debilitating injuries that can come with improper patterns in such highly technical and high stress movements.

Zack’s goal is to provide the best instruction available anywhere online. This will allowing for every athlete who is interested in strongman to have a good example of how movements are meant to be performed. This will also serve the purpose of addressing improper technical ques and practices that can lead to injury before individuals fall victim to the result of dangerous misinformation. Lastly, individuals who are interested in a more indepth and complete training knowledge including multiple techniques, accessory movements, programming, equipment fabrication, training around a lack of equipment, and much more, can sign up for the membership based portion of this site, coming soon.

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